9 December 2016

JD lives with his wife Sara and son Howie in Denver, Colorado.

Together they are Art /Rhetor, a church communication company.

In addition to design, JD writes, plays, and produces music. His first solo release was Waves and Billows Thine on March 1, 2019. JD also co-founded and co-directs The Christian Year at Park Church since 2017. Year one of The Christian Year is available now, with year two due for release mid–late 2019.

Other current and past musical affiliations include Park Church Music (percussion on There Is a Throne: Songs from the Book of Revelation 2016, drums on Psalm 32 2015), Ian Mahan (drums, guitar, and band director live 2011–present; drums, guitar, bass, engineering, and co-production on Ian Mahan EP 2011), James Craig Hartz Jr. (drums, guitar, engineering and production 2011–present), Joy Scout (drums live 2017, engineering on Live at Jubilee 2016), Mary Kay Raab (drums, guitar, bass, engineering, and production on Three Houses 2015), The Whicker and Pine (drums and electric guitar live 2012–2014), Maywren (solo songwriting, vocals, guitar, and piano live 2012–2013), Catch Bees (drums live 2012, drums on Newman’s Open Choir 2012), Stang Gappa (guitar live 2012, drums, guitar, engineering, and production on Colorado Sky EP 2012), A Strange Country (guitar live 2012, drums, guitar, bass, engineering, and production on A Strange Country EP 2012), and The Sunshine House (guitar on Sound and Small 2012, guitar live 2011, engineering and remix of All Souls Steppe 2011, and engineering and co-production on The Sunshine House EP 2011).

Lastly, JD’s ongoing prose writing project with several other fathers is The Father Forum, with a launch goal of early-to-mid 2019.