Praise be to Christ who parts seas to deliver and save thee
Drowning His enemy, leading you onward to glory
Passed o’er in Him, spared from the judgment of sin
Children redeemed to be holy

Here is love, a love incarnate
Christ the very Son of God
Word that made all things created
Now made flesh to dwell with us

For this King, prepare a highway;
In your heart, His place to dwell
Father’s glory now revealed in
Heaven’s gift, Emmanuel

Your very Church, on earth your image-bearer
Your bride betrothed, awaiting Your return
Until that day, we seek to be made like You
And bid the lost that they might turn and say

{ Then sings my soul… }

Praise God who sent His only Son
Who rose but sends another One
“It’s good I leave that He may come”
Praise God the Spirit, now among!

Praise Him who came in tongues of light
Now tongues unknown are heard aright
Old guest of kings, now yours and mine
Praise He who lives and speaks inside!